For Akshay it was an immediate crush when he met Twinkle at a shoot for Filmfare Magazine.

And it was during the shoot of International Khiladi, when the two fell for each other real strong.

Well, some go for beauty and some for brains. But as for Akshay, he fell in love with her qualities.

It was back then during the shoot of Mela when she was very confident about the movie scoring a hit in the box office .

it is stated that she was so confident about it that she promised Akshay that if it was a fail, she would marry him immediately.

And the irony is that, luckily, it was a fail, and poor Twinkle had no choice but to marry Akshay!

They had invited just about 50 guests for their wedding, and the wedding lasted just for a couple of two hours!

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