One day, Indra dev ( the king of all gods) also called “Devraj”, was travelling somewhere on his elephant called Airavatha.

So, Indradev saw Sage Durvasa and not greeted him properly.

Sage Durvasa seeing this attitude of Indradev got angry and cursed him.

All the gods along with Indra dev decided to go to Lord Brahma and discuss this problem with him.

Lord Brahma scolded Indra dev for his behaviour with Sage Durvasa and the effects because of it!

Lord Vishnu was resting on his “Sheshnag”. He saw all the gods along with Lord Brahma with him.

Lord Vishnu said that the gods should do “Samudra Manthan“. In this process of churning the ocean, they will get “Amrita”.

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