Rani Padmawati Love Story
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Padmavati’s Beauty is one of most talked ever since she was the young princess. Every King tried to woo her for marriage but only one could win her in the ‘Swayamwar’ that is King of Chittor Ratansen. Being married to the King of Chittor the most famous tale was of Sultan Alauddin Khilji and Queen Padmavati. So keep scrolling to read Rani Padmatvi Story

A tale of lust and valour. Aladduin was mesmerised when he heard about the unparalled beauty of the queen and wanted to meet her.

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He had sent a letter well known as ‘Sandesh’ in those times requesting a glance at the Gorgeous Lady which was turned down; as for Rajput Women were never allowed to meet strangers.

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Aggressive and Angry Sultan waged a war in which Queen’s Husband King Ratansen was killed.

Aladduin Khilji then marched to the fort to have a look at Padmavati, but however by then, Queen Padmavati and the other women had ended their lives in Jauhar  i.e., self immolation to get away from Khilji.

The tale is well known and most talked. All aspects being covered, there is love, there is hate, lust, war.

It’s upon us how we see and what to take count on, Is this one sided love or just lust?

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