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Ancient Historical Tragic & True Love Story

Love Story Of Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu: The Immortal Love Story

Dilip Kumar Love Story With Saira Banu is Immortal

This Bollywood couple is known for their strongest relationship in the B-town. As the Bollywood industry is considered to be the most flickering relationship...

Rani Padmatvi Story: Glance of the Beauty

Padmavati's Beauty is one of most talked ever since she was the young princess. Every King tried to woo her for marriage but only...
dharmendra and hema'slove story

Dharmendra and Hema’s Love Story

Dharmendra is one of the legendary actors of B-town. Hema Malini is the Dream Girl, one of the most eligible spinster back...

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True Love Stories of LGBT Couple Will Inspire You

True love stories of LGBT couples
LOVE IS LOVE! NO matter what's your gender, how do you look or from where do you belong? Love is something that...

A True Love Story of Karan And Leena Never Have Endings

A True Love Story of Karan And Leena Never Have Endings
Long-distance relationship- It is a thing from which most of the couples are scared off. 'Will it work?’, ‘How do I trust...

Ayantika & Saikat’s True Love Story – Teenage to Lifepartner

True love story of real couple
In the 21st century, the concept of true love is somewhere is lost. Everybody feels that true love is a myth. Especially...

True Romantic Love Story of Kartik & Sapna Will Inspire Lovers

True,romantic love story of india
Many say TRUE LOVE does not exist. Whereas some belief in TRUE LOVE. When you fall for someone feel for someone emotionally....

Short Term Love Gave Her Life Time Heartbroken Pain

Short Term Love Gave Her Life Time Heartbroken Pain
What is love for you? A feeling, commitment or passing the time? Why do you fall in love instantly? Or why do...