Heer Ranjha Love Story

Heer and Ranjha True Love Story: Immortal Love

The tragic love story of Heer and Ranjha is one of the most famous true love stories of Indian origin. The horrible way in...
Ashoka Love Story

Love Story of Great Ashoka: Love That Prevented War

Everyone is familiar with the concept of time capsule these days. The concept of leaving behind a piece of yourself to be discovered, explored...
Rani Padmawati Love Story

Rani Padmatvi Story: Glance of the Beauty

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sita ravan mandodri love story

Mandodari Sita and Ravana Love Story: Line between Love and Lust

History has many secrets buried inside of her, many love stories yet to be discovered one of those is Mandodari Sita and Ravana Love...