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arvind kejriwal love story

Love story of Arvind and Sunita Kejriwal: The Love of Commitments

The story of our Delhi Chief Minister is something we would have never imagined of. Loved by all, Arvind has always been straightforward and...
jab we met

10 Signs that you are ‘Geet’ form ‘Jab We Met’

On the 10th anniversary of Jab We Met, we wanted to give a tribute to one of the most epic characters from the Bollywood...

Love Story of Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi: Beyond Mountains and Across the sea

Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi love story is a not much talked about loved story. Two completely different countries, different cultures, different background yet...

The one with the FRIENDS fan

It’s been 23 long years since the first episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was aired, but for a true F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan it still feels afresh while...

10 things Women say vs What they actually mean!

“OMG, these Women, they are so complicated!” This is something, every man thinks of, but never say it out loud. Unlike men, every woman...
Rajnikant Love Story

Rajinikanth Love Story: Vaada A bond beyond the 7 Vows

His mass among the masses is just phenomenal. A man who has marked a huge presence for himself in the Indian film industry. A...