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I write with all my heart. Everything I write about love is for you to enjoy it. I write love stories that will encourage you to find your soulmate and if you have one you will want to fall for him/her all over again. Come and get my love mantras to enrich your life with love.
Things women should stop doing that ruins a relationship

15+ Things Not Do In A Relationship With Boyfriend

In this imperfect world, each one of us is imperfectly perfect. Similarly, there is no relationship that is perfect. Men and women...
Sanam Johar - Abigail Jain's love story and marriage

Sanam Johar – Abigail Jain Love Story Began by Saying Thanks!

Nothing can be more heartwarming than best friends falling in love. Sanam Johar and Abigail Jain are winning the hearts of millions...
kareena kapoor & shahid kapoor love story

Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor’s Broken Love Story|Why Sad Ending?

Once Lata Mangeshkar sang a beautiful song 'Kitne Ajeeb Rishte Hain Yahan'. This song truly justifies the dynamics of Bollywood relationships. Kareena...
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella's love story

Daniel Bryan-Brie Bella’s Love story|Reel to Real Life Couple

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are the power couple of WWE. They have been the best tag-team partners of WWE for quite...
question not to ask on first date

15 Worst Questions Not to Ask Girl on the First Date

First dates are always a nail-biting moment. There are so many thoughts going on the mind. There are always two types of...
Karishma Kapoor's Love Story & marriage life

Why Karishma Kapoor’s Love Story Never Completed?

Karisma Kapoor is a name in the B-town industry, which requires no introduction. With he graceful dancing moves, pretty face and exemplary...

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True Love Stories of LGBT Couple Will Inspire You

True love stories of LGBT couples
LOVE IS LOVE! NO matter what's your gender, how do you look or from where do you belong? Love is something that...

A True Love Story of Karan And Leena Never Have Endings

A True Love Story of Karan And Leena Never Have Endings
Long-distance relationship- It is a thing from which most of the couples are scared off. 'Will it work?’, ‘How do I trust...

Ayantika & Saikat’s True Love Story – Teenage to Lifepartner

True love story of real couple
In the 21st century, the concept of true love is somewhere is lost. Everybody feels that true love is a myth. Especially...

True Romantic Love Story of Kartik & Sapna Will Inspire Lovers

True,romantic love story of india
Many say TRUE LOVE does not exist. Whereas some belief in TRUE LOVE. When you fall for someone feel for someone emotionally....

Short Term Love Gave Her Life Time Heartbroken Pain

Short Term Love Gave Her Life Time Heartbroken Pain
What is love for you? A feeling, commitment or passing the time? Why do you fall in love instantly? Or why do...