Ally Lutar And Marcus Grodd Love Story
Ally Lutar And Marcus Grodd Love Story
The hand-in-hand together walk by the newlyweds is always an amazing view. The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise alum, Marcus Grodd stunning in the suit and bow tie on his big day. And his fiancée, Ally Lutar, looked gorgeous in her lace gown.

The Meeting Of Grodd And Lutar
Grodd met Lutar through their mutual friends. It happened at a place in Newport Beach situated in California in the year 2016. They met on one of their work trips. Grodd met Lutar for the first time.
Grodd found the young successful businesswomen to be gorgeous and strong. He got completely drawn to her attitude and her confidence. And they had their very first date the very next day itself in Newport Beach.


The two realized that they had found the missing piece in their respective lives. And they knew that they were doing the right thing by being together.


It was a perfect planning by Grodd and the families and a big surprise for Ally. He wanted the perfect location for the perfect moment.
He found the perfect place. It was the most incredible day in both the individuals’ life. And the duo got married in January 2018.
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