10 things Women say vs What they actually mean!

“OMG, these Women, they are so complicated!” This is something, every man thinks of, but never say it out loud. Unlike men, every woman has her own way of communication, and to make things clear, let’s try to establish the interpretations of the female subtext.

To all the men out there, it is time you guys read this up, mug it and next time a woman says something, just learn from this!


No.1. “I’m Fine!”


What they actually mean: This one is just a classic among men. They think that, when a woman says “I’m Fine”, she is just not fine, there is something huge that has happened and she is going to burst-out. Well, NO. It simply means, “I’m Fine!” and she will be.


No.2 “I need Space”

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What they actually mean: Well, according to men, this means that “get away from me”, “Break-up”. But in women’s world it just means, she is not alright and needs some time for herself.


No.3. “We need to talk”

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What it actually means: Oh, this one is a nightmare for men, in their world when a woman says this, it means “I need to talk, and you need to listen”. Hell no! It means what it reads, things might not be going the way we want, or there might me a concern, so yeah “WE need to talk”.


No.4. “Whatever”

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What it actually means: Accroding to men, when a woman says this, it means he’s won this argument, but she just doesn’t want to accept it. But in reality, it just means, “Whatever, I don’t care!” so just let it be and don’t drag it.


No.5. “I’m not hungry”

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What it actually means: When women say this, men tend to think: “you order whatever you want, but remember I’m going to be picking off your plate, and you cant say anything about it”. Men just have to overthink, but what it actually means is that “I’m just not hungry right now, and if I want something later, I’ll fetch it”


No.6. “I’m sorry”

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What it actually means: So yeah, this is something huge accroding to men. They think that a woman is empathizing with them, but doesn’t mean they are admiting their fault. But bro, no, it just means “I’m sorry” and she has admitted her fault, yes this is rare, but she has.


No.7. “I’m not mad”

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What it actually means: Men just can’t read the word ‘NOT’, they think this word just doesn’t exisit in a woman’s dictionary and “I’m not mad” means “I’M MAD”. But guys, not all the time the importance is given to your action, when we say we are not mad, we mean it. But if you think you have done something wrong and complicate your mind, sorry, we just can’t help it.


No.8. “Maybe”

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What it actually means: Men think this is a, “No”, but when actually the woman say this, they mean yes, maybe, just like “ Yes, maybe, it will work!”.


No.9. “I’m tired”

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What it actually means: “I don’t want an argument, I’m just tired talking to you. Don’t disturb me”. Okay, you are some what right, but not exactly! When she says this, it just means, She’s tired from work and she just wants to rest for sometime (Yes, please don’t disturb with all your complicated thinking).


No.10. “I’ll be there in a minute”

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What it actually means: Well, This one might be something that both men and women can relate to. It is impossible for anyone to get ready in a minute, and when it come to women, yes, definitely they need time. So when she says a minute, she just means about half an hour or so! So you get ready and do the neccesary stuff accordingly.



So fellas, from next time when you have a problem with your girl and she says one of the above things, stop complicating it yourself and just trust her, she is saying what she means! Don’t over stress yourself and blame it on her! Right girls?

Oh and yeah, “Don’t get it twisted” (Simply means, DON’T GET IT TWISTED)

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