10 Signs that you are ‘Geet’ form ‘Jab We Met’

On the 10th anniversary of Jab We Met, we wanted to give a tribute to one of the most epic characters from the Bollywood film industry – Geet! One of those characters who has managed to charm everyone with the way she talks, walks and behaves. At some point in time, you would have come across a person, or a friend who is Geet-like; or who knows, you yourself could be one. And that is the best company anyone can ever get (Trust me on this).
So, if you think you are Geet, here are the 10 sings that you could easily relate to:

1. You can just talk your life out. Actually the life out of someone.

Talking to anyone and about anything is a talent, and you have definitely got it in you. You just don’t see who the person on the other side is. You have got to strike a conversation to entertain yourself, in-turn entertaining the person you talk to. The chances are, you will end up knowing every single detail about the person in just no time. Just the way Geet says, you need to talk to people in order to let your brain function properly.

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2. Risk taking is totally your cup of tea.

Did someone say Risk? Oh yeah, Geet from Jab We Met loved taking huge life decision which involved a lot of risks. Well this didn’t stop her. You are just like her. To you it simply means enjoying life to the fullest, and you can go to any extreme to make it happen.

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3. Enjoying the minute of things, makes you happy.

You are just a master at this. You know how to express your happiness on even the smallest of things and how it will help you live a happy life and also change the perception about life for the ones around you. People often feel astonished on how smallest of things offer you utmost happiness, but for you it is just the way you live life.

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4. You’re DRAMATIC!

You just have to react on a grand scale. There is nothing normal about it. Your dramatic level is highly entertaining for people around you.

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5. You are blunt about everything. And you don’t regret that.

You are never afraid of telling people things the way they are. There is definitely no grey area, it is either right or wrong. Most of the people will hate it (Well truth hurts), but others know that you are the only one who gives the reality a check.

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6. Looking at the positive side of things is the best part in you.

You always see the good things in everything and everyone. Yes, you often get scammed with two- faced people, but this habit of yours has led you to meet some of the best people in your life, in some really interesting situations.

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7. You are a true lover!

When you love someone, you just love them to the fullest. You easily mingle with people and start liking them. But when it involves love, you just don’t have a margin, it is either 0 or 100. No inhibitions, no grudges. Just pure and unadulterated love.

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8. When someone pisses you off. You know how to deal with it. IN THE RIGHT MANNER!

Loving people is your thing, until someone just becomes the unpleasant type. When you come across such people, you just can’t stop yourself but to give them a piece of your magical spell. According to you, no one messes with you or anyone even nearly related to you.

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9. And oh, how can we forget? YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE!

This is your trademark. Your friends, at least the close ones, know how you function. If you ask them to meet you at 4 P.M they definitely know you are not going to be available any time before 6 P.M and so they know how to talk to you about anything related to being on time. C’mon, if you are Geet, you should have at least missed one flight or train, in recent times.

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10. Finally, YOU LOVE YOUSELF, and always will!

If you have seen Jab We Met, you would definitely know how much Geet loved herself. But there is a difference, while some of them just openly tell it to the world, there are a few who keep it to themselves. But this doesn’t mean you are any less than Geet. This quality just attracts more people towards you and they love you for it. And you can’t stop that from happening, well you love yourself too!

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